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* denotes mandatory field

Application / data collection forms are produced by Monsoon Accessorize who, as Data Controller, will use the data collected for the purposes of considering you for suitable employment vacancies, communicating with you at various stages in the selection process (such as to arrange interviews), for OnBoarding successful applicants, and potentially for retaining the applications of unsuccessful applicants in the form of a “talent pool” database. The legal basis for our processing your information is the pursuit of our Legitimate Interests which are seeking job applicants in order to further the interests of our organisation and maintaining a database of unsuccessful candidates and speculative enquiries known as a talent pool. We will not process the information you have provided for any other purposes incompatible with
those referred to above.
We will store the information you provide on a computer system provided by a specialist
company who act in the capacity of our Data Processor and are based in the UK.

Within each section of the application there are mandatory (marked with a red *) and optional fields. Your application cannot be submitted until all mandatory fields have been completed.

If you wish to exit the application form and revisit it at another time, or simply prefer to save as you go along, you can use the 'Save & return' button that is available to you from the 2nd page on. This generates a unique passcode which is sent to your email (as entered below on this page) so you can access your application and complete it later - or you can return to your application immediately.

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